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Researcher Victor Igelmo, The future of computing: A look into Mixed Reality at ForskarFredag in the city of Skövde 2021 Photo: Rebecka Thor

European Researchers’ Night takes places annually during the last week of September. In Sweden, activities are organised across the country and online under the name ForskarFredag (Researchers’ Friday). This year the festival took place from 25-30 September 2023. 

European Researchers’ Night in Sweden is organised by universities, science centres, museums, archives, research centres, municipalities, science parks and regional development councils across the whole of Sweden. The event is coordinated by the Swedish nonprofit organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science).

A range of activities are planned for 2023, both in person and online including: experiments and demonstrations, shows and exhibitions, science cafés and small group talks. These innovative and exciting activities allow for public engagement and meetings with researchers in relaxed and festive environments. The events are aimed at showing that researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs and that research relies on communication and international cooperation.

Researchers’ Grand Prix

Researchers’ Grand Prix is a Swedish competition that has been running annually since 2012. We challenge researchers to present their research in a captivating, inspiring and educational way – but in just four minutes! The audience and expert judges jointly decide on the winner.

Read more about Researchers’ Grand Prix.

The Swedish Mass Experiments

As part of European Researchers’ Night, each year VA (Public & Science) coordinates a citizen science project that involves schools and members of the general public across Sweden. The project gives pupils and the general public the opportunity to participate in a real research project, and it also enables researchers to collect large amounts of data from across the country that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to collect.

Read more about the Mass Experiments.

Borrow a Researcher

The concept, in which schools are invited to ‘borrow a researcher’, has proven to be a popular and successful ForskarFredag activity for many years. Researchers visit schools, non-profit associations or workplaces, to talk about their work as a researcher and the wider societal context of their research – either in person or online. An online booking platform facilitates the booking of researchers.

Read more about Borrow a Researcher.

Further information:

For more information, contact Julia Brink, Project Manager of European Researchers’ Night in Sweden, [email protected], tel +46 8 73 705 73 21

European Researchers’ Night in Sweden is funded by the European Commission under HORIZON EUROPE in the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, GA 101061464, together with our Swedish partners.

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