Have you got what it takes to be Sweden’s best science communicator? Apply to participate in the 2020 Researchers’ Grand Prix

In the Researchers’ Grand Prix contest, researchers in Sweden compete to present their research in as understandable, captivating and inspiring a way possible in just four minutes. An expert jury together with the audience decide the winner.

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Swedish pupils to participate in research to reduce food waste

Can more information result in less food being wasted? Researchers will be investigating this together with pupils and teachers across the whole of Sweden in the Food Waste Experiment. To assist them, they will be using an artificial intelligence app and the world’s largest food sustainability database. Läs mer

How to use light in the best way?

Research has shown that light pollution causes problems for both wildlife and humans. In the Star-Spotting Experiment  we also want to learn more about what we can do to reduce light pollution and use light in an optimal way. At Jönköping University in Sweden researchers are working with these questions. Myriam Aries is a Professor in Lighting Science, and we asked her to answer a few of our questions.

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Star-Spotting Experiment shortlisted for international science engagement prize

The Star-Spotting Experiment, VA’s 2019 citizen science project to investigate light pollution, was shortlisted for the 2019 Falling Walls Science Engagement of the Year competition. Project manager, Lena Söderström was invited to Berlin in November to present the project in the final of the competition at the Falling Walls Conference. Here we talk to her about the experience.

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Discovering the wonders of science: European Researchers’ Night in Sweden 2019

This year’s European Researchers’ Night, known as ForskarFredag in Sweden, took place in 30 cities across the country. Participants engaged in the Swedish events included 17,122 visitors, and 550 researchers and PhD students.

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