Mass experiments

As part of European Researchers’ Night, each year VA (Public & Science) coordinates a citizen science project that involves schools and the general public across the whole of Sweden.

A teacher and her pupils taking part in the 2018 mass experiment – The Ladybird experiment. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Every year, thousands of Swedish pupils of all ages are involved in helping researchers gather huge amounts of data in a citizen science project. These so-called mass experiments are of mutual benefit; the researchers get more data than they could otherwise easily collect, the pupils get the opportunity to participate in real research, and teachers get material and methods based upon state-of-the-art research to integrate in the curriculum.

VA (Public & Science) coordinates the mass experiments as part of the European science festival, European Researchers’ Night.  Schools from across the whole of Sweden are involved.

The mass experiments efficiently link education to research, establishing valuable contacts with researchers and giving students insights into research methods and scientific thinking.

VA helps the researcher to design an experiment whereby students gather data guided by their teacher. Research projects are also selected according to how well they fit into the curriculum. Instructions and teachers’ manuals are jointly developed by the researcher and VA, and researchers also communicate directly with individual teachers and students using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We have been running mass experiments since 2009. 

Examples of our most recent mass experiments:

Latest about the mass experiment:



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