Workshop med Vibrioscope

The VibrioScope project aims to create knowledge together with young citizens. The project discusses how plastic litter and unsafe water practices can affect health.

The picture is not of the Vibrio bacteria, but another bacterial sample. Foto: Michael Schiffer/Unsplash

The Vibrio bacteria is the cause of a group of diseases, such as cholera, gastrointestinal and other infections. In many countries with water shortages, Vibrio spread occurs due to the use of plastic containers for fetching water and its storage, rendering such water unsafe for human consumption, while the pathogen is also spread to sewage and groundwater. Because of climate change, Vibrio is also spreading in Western countries, with several hundred thousand illnesses yearly. Plastic litter can become a new route for humans, especially during waste-picking campaigns for young people.

We are now observing a trend of infections increasing in the Baltic, also affecting Stockholm’s region. In this workshop, you learn more and contribute to the research on the vibriosis risks for humans.

The project will be conducted in parallel in Sweden, Uganda, and Malawi. The idea is to connect young citizens from these areas in a joint effort while making them participate in cultural life, via art-based creative activities and collecting samples that will feed VIBRIANCY research via photography-based participatory practices and citizen science research.

The Vibrioscope project tackles the importance of understanding how the environment and human behavior interact in facilitating disease outbreaks to help prevent these events. It builds up on the VIBRIANCY (VR) project, which assesses aquatic biofilms as ecological reservoirs of Vibrio bacteria growing on various surfaces, such as household containers for potable water, plastic debris, and shells of seafood.

Medverkande forskare

Rehab El-Shehawy, Stockholms universitet.
Anke Fischer, SLU


Årskurs 9 och gymnasiet


Fredag den 29 september, workshoppen ges vid tre tillfällen:

  • 09:00 – 09:30
  • 10:00 – 10:30
  • 11:00 – 11:30


Du anmäler din klass via Vetenskapens Hus bokningssida




Elin Ottergren
Tel: 08-790 98 45
[email protected]

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