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ForskarFredag in Borlänge 2019. Photo: Henrik Hansson.

The days are getting darker, temperatures are dropping and it’s raining almost every day. The majority of us think that November is the gloomiest month of the year here in Sweden…additionally COVID-19 continues to restrict our freedoms this year. There’s simply nothing exciting to look forward to this month other than Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… But don’t despair, there is hope for reprieve from our boredom!

Join us from 23 – 29 November 2020 for an online, socially distanced showcase of engaging and inspiring activities celebrating the diversity of Swedish research, as part of ForskarFredag (the Swedish branch of European Researchers’ Night). This huge event will take place simultaneously in 20 cities and towns across all of Sweden. You can find a full map of the participating cities and activities above (towns with English speakers’ friendly activities are marked in orange).

This year, thanks to COVID-19, for the first time ever you can attend multiple events all over Sweden (and Europe!) without leaving your sofa. Either with school, friends, family or on your own, you will find yourself discovering, in captivating new ways, about what researchers really do and why it matters. Listen to webinars and Q&As, take part in virtual workshops and debates, watch educational films and virtual tours of faculties, try fun science activities at home and much more. Do not miss out! #ForskarFredagDigital

Don’t speak Swedish? No problem!

Also don’t worry if you are not fluent in Swedish, as below we compiled a short list of ForskarFredag English speakers’ friendly activities for you to enjoy.

From Göteborg:

Thursday, 26 November, 5:30pm-7:00pm: A couple of online short talks and a quiz on ”Biodiversity in numbers”. Researchers from the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre are promising an exciting evening, with a perfect mix of both educational and entertaining content.

From Stockholm:

Friday, 27 November, 9:00am-2:45pm: A series of physics experiment shows, talks and Q&A by the Department of Physics at Stockholm University. Titles to be presented include: Mysteries of the Universe; Particle physics at CERN; Gamma radiation and origins of the solar system; How real is the science in Hollywood movies? This collaborative project aims to increase interest in science and infect the public with the joy of exploring physics.

Friday, 27 November, 2:00pm-3:00pm: Webinar live streaming, ”Sustainable Open Solutions for European urban waterfronts”. According to the European Commission, urban areas, where 4 out of 5 Europeans now live, are exposed to the adverse effects of climate change but are often ill-equipped to adapt to them. This webinar gives an insight into exciting ongoing interdisciplinary research. Participants in the project from four cities (Gdansk, Lisbon, Thessaloniki and Stockholm) will present their work and new strategies for developing sustainable solutions for infrastructure and urban planning in Europe.

From Umeå:

Friday, 27 November, from 4:53-8:00 pm: Three live digital broadcasts. 1) Learn from a researcher at Abisko why permafrost methane is a time bomb. 2) Meet the researcher behind the project ”Engage Nepal with Science”. Feel free to try his fun scientific experiments at home! 3) Watch the film ”Manipulating the master manipulator” and interact with researchers attempting to save the world from malaria.

From Luleå:

Tuesday, 24 November – Friday, 27 November; 9am-11am: Researchers broadcast live from their labs to tell us about themselves, their research, future challenges… and of course to answer viewers’ questions. A wide range of topics is available: robots and drones, health, sustainable chemistry, energy, geology, innovation, communication, branding, space exploration, AI. High school students all over Sweden are welcome to participate! Register by emailing [email protected].

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