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Every year since 2006, during the last Friday of September, ForskarFredag has been organised throughout Sweden. It has become an annual tradition that is growing bigger. Last year, almost 15,000 visitors participated in the event. This year, to meet the high demand and bring research even closer to the public, ForskarFredag in Stockholm will be extended to Saturday as well.


Michael Odelius, co -ordinator of FysikFest. Photo by: Serena Nobili/Stockholm University.

We talked to Michael Odelius, a university teacher and researcher in Chemical Physics at Fysikum and co-ordinator of FysikFest (Physics Festival). The event itself is a part of ForskarFredag and European Researchers’ Night. It will take place on Saturday, 29 September at AlbaNova between 11:00 and 16:00.

Physics can be both fun and intellectually stimulating at the same time.

What is the highlight of the event?

– The fascinating physics demonstrations by Max Kesselberg and Carl-Olof Fägerlind entertain both children and adults by relating everyday phenomena to fundamental physics. It is an interactive lecture with both experiments, laughs and surprises. In the exhibition and during the tours of the laboratories, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss all areas of physics.

Why should I come on Saturday to the FysikFest?

– To learn how to make solar cells with blueberries, to experience superconductivity, to learn how to hunt dark matter underground, to get excited about quantum computers and of course because physics can be both fun and intellectually stimulating at the same time.

What can I learn at the event?

– You will get an insight into recent scientific discoveries in physics and a chance to discuss them with leading researchers in many areas of physics, from the surprising properties of water to the search for neutrinos at the South Pole. You also get a chance to see how much fun is connected to scientific research, also thanks to exciting experiments at the exhibition for both adults and children.

FysikFest, photo by: Serena Nobili/Stockholm University.

FysikFest is a part of ForskarFredag and European Researchers’ Night. More details about the event can be found here.

Some of the activities require booking, so make sure you plan it in advance!

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