Have you got what it takes to be Sweden’s best science communicator? Apply to participate in the 2020 Researchers’ Grand Prix



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In the Researchers’ Grand Prix contest, researchers in Sweden compete to present their research in as understandable, captivating and inspiring a way possible in just four minutes. An expert jury together with the audience decide the winner.

Lina Herbertsson, Lund university, in the Researchers’ Grand Prix finale 2018. Photo: Erik Cronberg

It has been a very inspiring and educational experience and a fantastic opportunity to share your research with a wide audience – Participant 2019

Applications are welcome in both Swedish and English and interested researchers are invited to participate in a free webinar (8 September in Swedish, 9 September in English) to receive professional coaching on how to explain their research in a quick and simple way.

Researchers can either apply to participate in the contest via a regional heat or through N.Ö.R.D., an online open heat to directly win a place in the final. The final will take place on 16 December at Nalen in Stockholm.

Regional heats:

I feel more comfortable about explaining my research and have learned tricks that I can use in future presentations – Participant 2019

The Researchers’ Grand Prix gives you useful life skills

The Researchers’ Grand Prix is not a competition about the best research project, but about presenting your research in an engaging way for a public audience that has no prior knowledge about the subject. By participating in the Researchers’ Grand Prix, you will gain knowledge and experience that will be of benefit to you throughout your career! You will receive advice and tips on how to best design your presentation. In addition, if you win a place in the final, you will receive individual coaching given by a presentation coach to fine-tune your presentation. Read more about why you should join!

It is a practical way of carrying out the third task of universities (collaboration with society). It is great training in how to communicate your research to the public, which is extremely important when it comes to disseminating your research via different media. It’s also useful in teaching and actually in your research too as you have to really think about the essence of your research and be able to summarise everything in 4 minutes. – Participant 2019



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