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Swedish pupils to research notice boards across Sweden

Press release 19 September 2015 In the last two weeks of September, more than 3,000 Swedish pupils will be out on the hunt, with their… Läs mer

Wanted: Swedish pupils to participate in pioneering research

Press release 29 May 2015 They can be found outside the supermarket, at the bus stop, at the swimming pool: public notice boards, covered in handwritten… Läs mer

Swedish pupils’ buried tea bags help to advance…

In 2015, Swedish school pupils helped scientists to bury over three thousand tea bags in the countryside. The Tea Bag Experiment is a mass experiment… Läs mer

Science to inspire and amaze – 300 cities…

A thunderstorm simulation in Romania, organ-dissecting workshops in Estonia and a spectacular light show in Birmingham were just a few of the thousands of free… Läs mer

European science festival celebrates 10th anniversary in 27…

Press release 31 August 2015 On 25 September it’s time for the European science festival Researchers’ Night that is taking place in 300 cities throughout… Läs mer


Press release 29 May 2015. Swedish children and teenagers are pretty diligent at eating fruit and vegetables, according to the results of a mass experiment organised… Läs mer

Swedish children to help climate scientists by burying…

Press release 9 February 2015. Is it possible to read the future in tea leaves? This is what scientists at Umeå University are hoping to… Läs mer

A celebration of science – Researchers’ Night showcases…

How does weightlessness affect the human body in space? Can sewage be used to generate electric energy? How do you clean paintings using bacteria? What… Läs mer

Four minute research – contest to find Sweden’s…

For the 3rd year, researchers across Sweden will be competing to see who can present their research in the most inspiring and educational way – in… Läs mer

Swedish researchers seek pupils to help map eating…

Press Release 13 May 2014 How much fruit and vegetables do children and teenagers consume in Sweden? The Swedish National Food Agency is looking for… Läs mer

10,000 pupils assist Swedish scientists with climate research

Press release 11 April 2014. Spring is now here and it arrives earlier each year.  A warmer climate means an earlier spring and a later… Läs mer

Science matters: 300 cities celebrate Researchers’ Night

Robotic shows, live link-ups with NASA scientists, energy-generating dancing, murder mysteries to solve and real-time outdoor projections of the sun. These were just a few… Läs mer



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