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I’m Leonarda Acha Alarcon I have come from Bolivia to persue a PhD degree at the University of Gothenburg. I had studied biochemistry for my bachelor and later did a master in biological and biomedical sciences. Infectious diseases were always a fundamental part during my education. I had the chance to work with diseases caused by enteric pathogens specifically rotavirus and now my interests have shifted to bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance.

My work is related to bacteria causing infectious diseases. The goal of my Project is to improve diagnostics by finding so-called biomarkers of the bacteria. These biomarkers can be used to find out what bacteria are causing an infection, without the need of first culturing them. Another goal is to help reduce the use of antibiotics, hence slowing down the development of antibiotic resistance, which is a growing threat to human Health. Right now, we still have antibiotics working so we can treat infections, but more and more bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, making infections difficult to treat.

Kort om Leonarda Acha Alarcon

Ålder: 29
I like to take pictures from Swedish nature

University of Gothenburg

Institute of biomedicine department of infectious diseases

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