Karsten Meier

Mikrobiolog på Umeå universitet

Host pathogen interaction (Chlamydia)

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I am PhD student, approaching my last year before dissertation. During a visit, I could either talk about how it is to be a PhD student, what challenges and requirements there are and how the academic system works. I could also talk a bit about my work, or anything else that can be of interest.

I study the interaction between Chlamydia and our cells. Chlamydia grows within our cells, that means that the interaction between the bacterium and our cells is especially tight. Chlamydia tries to manipulate our cells to survive, while our cells try as much as they can to get rid of the intruder. An exciting struggle that can be decided just by minor weaknesses of one competitor. I want to find out if we can either strengthen the cells or to weaken the Chlamydia to shift the outcome of this struggle towards our cells.

Kort om Karsten Meier

Ålder: 30
Familj: Proud part-time cat-dad
Fritidsintressen: Running, skiing, hiking –> Being active

Praktisk information

I preferably have the meeting in English, which makes it easier for me to focus on what I say and not how I say something. However, a Q&A could also be done in Swedish.

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Umeå tätort

Umeå universitet

Institutionen för molekylärbiologi

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