Producing hydrogen from water – an experiment

Illustration of how energy from a solar cell could be used to produce hydrogen from water.

We need sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, and hydrogen is a promising option. Welcome to an experiment where scientists try to produce hydrogen from water!

Global warming is a serious problem. In order to stop it we need to switch from fossil fuels – like coal, gas and oil – to renewable alternatives. Hydrogen is a very promising fuel-source, and it is already used to power city buses, for example. In our experiment we want to show how hydrogen can be produced from water with a simple battery. We’ll explain the principle behind it and discuss if this process could save our planet. Welcome!


Fredagen den 24 september, kl. 11:00-11:45; 13:00-13:45


Digitalt via Zoom-länk: Producing hydrogen from water

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Robin Dürr
[email protected]


Uppsala University – Department of Chemistry


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