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The (Climate) Experiment: Why the Arctic matters for everyone

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The climate in Sweden is warming today. It is apparent from south to north. At the Abisko Scientific Research Station, in the far north of the country, researchers have studied the Arctic environment for over a century. Here the weather and climate have been tracked hour-by-hour since 1913. Since the late 1980’s researchers in Abisko witnessed the dramatic loss of cold winters, treelines have shifted upslope, permafrost is thawing, and rivers and lakes are browning.

These rapid environmental changes in land and water ecosystems is systemic across the Arctic. Importantly, the Arctic region serves as the earth’s cooling system. As it warms, the climate globally is effected – all of humanity is effected. What is our future and how might we adapt to these changes? These are important questions for all of us today.

Kort om Keith Larson

Ålder: 54
Wife and two kids (5 and 8 years old)
Bird watching, hiking, skiing, canoeing
Därför forskar jag: I am curious about why species are located where they are and how the climate and environment shapes their lives

Praktisk information

My presentations are in PowerPoint and typically last 40 minutes. Most importantly, it is important for students and teachers to have time to engage in a dialog about the issues presented. I am pretty flexible to make sure we have the time to interact.

Om besöket är på plats kan jag komma till

Västerbotten och Norrbotten

Umeå university

Climate Impacts Research Centre

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