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Quantum Computation – How to Teleport you Cat

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I will introduce you to the ever-growing field of quantum information. In short, it is an attempt to use the quirkiness of quantum mechanics to find novel ways of processing information. It can lead us to solve seemingly unsolvable mathematical problems and establish ways of unbreakably secure communication. Arguably, we have only begun to scratch the surface of its potential and its exciting to speculate what societal impact it will ultimately have.

My goal is to give you a flavor of the aims and techniques used in this active research area. I will start from basic principles and show you what the quantum in quantum computing means –and how to use it. Along the way we will meet and get familiar with Alice, qubits, Bob, cats, and entangled photons. At the end you will know how to teleport your cat to Alpha Centauri – at least in theory.

(Should be honest though. This is not my current research area, but it is a field I used to work on in the past. It is more accessible than the things I am working on right now: quantum field theories, gravity, and string theory. Quantum computation is a topic I have used successfully in other outreach activities (RAYS).)

Kort om Johannes Lahnsteiner

Ålder: 30
Bouldering, music, hiking
Därför forskar jag: It feels like the best use of my time

Om besöket är på plats kan jag komma till

Anything within reach from Stockholm in ~3 hours

Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Stockholms universitet

High energy physics

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