Hanne Biesmans

Growing electrodes inside the brain: next generation therapy for Parkinson’s disease or just another way for the government to control you?

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I work as a researcher in the field of Organic Bioelectronics. The cells in our body communicate by sending electrical signals to one another. We can record these signals and even influence them if we can get an electrode close by. However, the electrodes that are being used now are metal, which is hard and not compliant with the human body. I am currently trying to develop a new generation of electrodes that grow inside the brain and are flexible and adapt themselves to the body instead of the other way around. These electrodes can later be used for Deep Brain Stimulation, which is a wonderful therapy for Parkinson’s disease for example.

However, due to its nature, there are a lot of conspiracy theories related to this topic. I would love to take a dive into the conspiracy theories and give my take on them in an attempt to arm the public against fake news that is going around.

Kort om Hanne Biesmans

Ålder: 26
Dancing, reading
Därför forskar jag: Research is just one big puzzle that you are trying to solve. Every day in the lab you are looking to find another piece to get a step closer towards your end goal. You never stop learning here.
Övrigt: I come from Belgium, but moved to Sweden in 2020 to pursue my PhD here.

Mer om mitt ämne

I work on the border between material sciences, biology, physics, chemistry and electronics.

Om besöket är på plats kan jag komma till

Everything that is reachable with public transportation from Norrköping.

Linköping University

Laboratory of Organic Electronics

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