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Symmetry in Nature

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I’m a physicist with 9-year experience in quantum models of microscopic particles. Whereas we understand nature from atoms down to the Higgs boson, we don’t in many complex experiments, e.g. with particles (baryons) held up by strong forces in atoms. I use the idea of “symmetry” to study baryons in toy models, much like the sixfold shape of snowflakes hints at the hexagonal structure of ice.

I can tailor my event in 2 ways:

1) Lecture
Symmetry is a concept well engrained into our mind. Animals, plants and our body too feature repeated arrangement of small parts. The flavour of symmetry is somewhat different in physics. We will learn how to appeal to it to visualise nature at invisible scales, as for snowflakes.

Can ”playing cards” tell if you live in a mirror? Can you teach left/right to aliens? Can you tell if time rewinds, like in the movie Tenet? We’ll get our hands on tennis balls and chess pieces, drawing inspirations from experiments, books and movies.

2) Career advice
Most young adults feel cut out of science or clueless on what to do with their talent. The outcome is usually one: students grow into adults, but never outgrowing their belief system.
If your pupils wonder about ”quantum” and other buzzwords, or ”what do I do next?”, I can hit at the gratifying and formative life/work path of STEM careers

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Ålder: 33

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Stockholm-Uppsala area, potentially beyond upon discussion


Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics

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