Alberto José Huertas Alonso

Fullbokad: Green Chemistry – our ally to fight climate change

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Hej! I am Alberto and I am a chemist, working currently as Posdoctoral researcher in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University. My research is focused on the development of circular materials based on renewable feedstocks, such as biomass, as a replacement for fossil single-use plastics and adhesives.

Since a very young age I have been concerned about the environmental challenges of our society (global warming, pollution, depletion of natural sources, etc), so that is why I chose study chemistry in my Bachelor’s degree, and later a PhD in the field of Green Chemistry.

I can talk about how chemist are facing these environmental challenges to help the society to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly new materials and chemicals.

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Ålder: 34
Running, gym, watch sports (mainly football and Formula 1) and spend time with friends

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I can visit places in Stockholm and surroundings by public transport included in the SL card.

Stockholms universitet

Materials and Environmental Chemistry Department

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