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Swedish Researchers’ Night postponed until 27-28 November 2020

European Researchers’ Night 2020 has been postponed until 27-28 November. Activities will be run in around 30 cities across Sweden as well as digitally. Läs mer

How to use light in the best way?

Research has shown that light pollution causes problems for both wildlife and humans. In the Star-Spotting Experiment  we also want to learn more about what… Läs mer

Star-Spotting Experiment shortlisted for international science engagement prize

The Star-Spotting Experiment, VA’s 2019 citizen science project to investigate light pollution, was shortlisted for the 2019 Falling Walls Science Engagement of the Year competition.… Läs mer

Discovering the wonders of science: European Researchers’ Night…

This year’s European Researchers’ Night, known as ForskarFredag in Sweden, took place in 30 cities across the country. Participants engaged in the Swedish events included… Läs mer

Sparking interest in science in over 370 cities…

This weekend, thousands of researchers across Europe will be inspiring the public by showcasing the fascinating world of science at this year’s European Researchers’ Night. Läs mer

Webinar: How to explain your research in four…

The Swedish Researchers’ Grand Prix (Forskar Grand Prix) is running a free webinar for researchers interested in learning how to explain their research in quick… Läs mer

The Star-Spotting Experiment takes off around Europe

This year’s Swedish Researchers’ Night mass experiment – the Star-Spotting Experiment – is to be run in Ireland, Spain, the UK and Sweden this coming… Läs mer

Would you like to be the best in…

Now, N.Ö.R.D. is open for contributions! N.Ö.R.D. is a digital competition for those who want to join the Researchers’ Grand Prix, but have no competition… Läs mer

Swedish Star-Spotting Experiment off to a sparkling start

The Star-Spotting Experiment, this year’s citizen science project in connection with the European Researchers’ Night events in Sweden, is now well underway. Members of the… Läs mer

Mass star-spotting experiment to investigate light pollution in…

Street lamps, illuminated signs and buildings – lights at night improve safety and make cities more attractive, but have also been shown to have negative… Läs mer

Sparking interest in science: European Researchers’ Night celebrated…

Researchers in 29 Swedish cities shared their passion for research and science at this year’s European Researchers’ Night celebrations. The annual Europe-wide science festival, in… Läs mer

Day of Astronomy

If one day of ForskarFredag is not enough for you, this year, for the first time, the event will be extended to Saturday. Three different… Läs mer



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