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The latest about ForskarFredags annual Citizen Science Projects

Whole of Sweden invited to help research plastic…

The Plastic Experiment is part of ForskarFredag, European Researchers’ Night in Sweden, and is being run by VA in collaboration with the Keep Sweden Tidy… Läs mer

Swedish school pupils help log 19,000 items of…

Plastic litter in the oceans has major consequences for humans, plants and animals, but it is a problem that starts on land. In the Plastic… Läs mer

Swedish pupils and researchers together tackle food waste

Better climate information reduces waste in the school canteen. This is a clear finding of the Food Waste Experiment, a mass experiment in which around… Läs mer

Swedish pupils and senior citizens to help research…

In order to live independent and active lives, we need housing that is designed to meet our needs. But how accessible is Swedish housing? School… Läs mer

Digital ForskarFredag 2020 – a showcase of Swedish…

A mind-blowing science show from Umeå, exciting geological adventures with Minecraft from Uppsala, a rare chance to peek into an Olympic test centre for winter… Läs mer

Young people in Sweden, Spain, Ireland and the…

In 2019 and early 2020, school pupils, teachers, scout groups, astronomers and interested members of the public in Sweden, Spain, the UK and Ireland went… Läs mer

Swedish pupils to participate in research to reduce…

Can more information result in less food being wasted? Researchers will be investigating this together with pupils and teachers across the whole of Sweden in… Läs mer

How to use light in the best way?

Research has shown that light pollution causes problems for both wildlife and humans. In the Star-Spotting Experiment  we also want to learn more about what… Läs mer

Star-Spotting Experiment shortlisted for international science engagement prize

The Star-Spotting Experiment, VA’s 2019 citizen science project to investigate light pollution, was shortlisted for the 2019 Falling Walls Science Engagement of the Year competition.… Läs mer

Discovering the wonders of science: European Researchers’ Night…

This year’s European Researchers’ Night, known as ForskarFredag in Sweden, took place in 30 cities across the country. Participants engaged in the Swedish events included… Läs mer

Sparking interest in science in over 370 cities…

This weekend, thousands of researchers across Europe will be inspiring the public by showcasing the fascinating world of science at this year’s European Researchers’ Night. Läs mer

The Star-Spotting Experiment takes off around Europe

This year’s Swedish Researchers’ Night mass experiment – the Star-Spotting Experiment – is to be run in Ireland, Spain, the UK and Sweden this coming… Läs mer


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