Swedish Researchers’ Night – providing a glimpse into the future

Experiments, stand-up comedy, guided lab tours, classroom visits and answering all sorts of questions about research and what life might be like in the future, were some of the activities undertaken by researchers in Sweden as part of European Researchers’ Night. Known as ForskarFredag, the science festival ran from 20-25 September, engaging 350 researchers and around 27,000 participants across the whole of Sweden.

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How accessible is Swedish housing? Swedish pupils and senior citizens join forces to investigate

During September and October, Swedish school pupils, senior citizens and anyone interested will be investigating the environmental barriers that can be found in Swedish housing. To assist them, they will be using a folding rule and mobile app. The research project, the Housing Experiment, is a collaboration between the Swedish Researchers’ Night science festival known as ‘ForskarFredag’ and researchers at Lund University. Läs mer

ForskarFredag 2021: Ask researchers about home and life in the future

During ForskarFredag, thousands of children, young people and adults will meet hundreds of researchers around Sweden. Research on the major issues for the future will be discussed, analysed and put to the test by universities, colleges, science centers, museums and via online events. It’s time for ForskarFredag!

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Bostadsförsöket drar igång 1 september!

Fram med tumstocken och mobilen – nu drar ForskarFredags massexperiment Bostadsförsöket igång! Alla Sveriges skolelever, seniorer och andra intresserade kan i september och oktober hjälpa forskare undersöka vilka hinder som finns i Sveriges bostäder. Bostadsförsöket är ett samarbete mellan ForskarFredag och forskare vid Lunds universitet.

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