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The Swedish Researchers’ Grand Prix (Forskar Grand Prix) is running a free webinar for researchers interested in learning how to explain their research in quick and simple way.

The one hour webinar will provide you with the tools you need to make a presentation in the Researchers’ Grand Prix or if you are communicating science at European Researchers’ Night. Or you might just want to get tips on how to make your research easier to understand!


Anders Sahlman. Foto: Gustaf Waesterberg

The webinar will be led Anders Sahlman, who works as Project Manager and Coach for the Swedish Researchers’ Grand Prix. Anders is an experienced and highly regarded presentation coach, who has been coaching participants and finalists of the Researchers’ Grand Prix since 2012. He also does work for clients outside of the academic world. For three years, he has coached the jury on TV4’s television programme Let’s Dance and in the book ”Five Stars” he was interviewed by American author Carmine Gallo about ways in which researchers can better explain their research.

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