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If one day of ForskarFredag is not enough for you, this year, for the first time, the event will be extended to Saturday. Three different activities will take place in Stockholm on 29 September: FysikFest, Biomedicum Open House and Day of Astronomy.

Tanja Kramer Nymark, Astronomy Day project leader. Photo by: Vetenskapens Hus.

We asked Tanja Kramer Nymark, an educational developer at Vetenskapens Hus (House of Science) and an Astronomy Day project leader, a few questions about the Day of Astronomy.

What is the Day of Astronomy?

– The Day and Night of Astronomy is a nationwide outreach event coordinated by the Swedish Astronomical Society. Local events are organised by amateur astronomical societies as well as by science centres and museums in more than 30 locations all over Sweden, including six different events in Stockholm. One of the events in Stockholm is the Day of Astronomy at Vetenskapens Hus and AlbaNova, which takes place at the same time as the FysikFest at AlbaNova, which is part of ForskarFredag. These two events complement each other, offering visitors a wide range of activities suitable for all ages.

You will get to meet astronomy researchers and students who will be happy to discuss their research and answer questions about astronomy.

What happens on Saturday during the Astronomy Day?

The programme at Vetenskapens Hus on Saturday includes:

  • lectures by researchers from Stockholm University
  • investigation of planets in distant star systems;
  • hands-on activities for young children where they get to build their own model of the solar system and study the motion of the planets;
  • space flight simulations for older children, where they get to build computer models of rockets and try to get them into orbit;
  • investigations of the structure of the Milky Way with a radio telescope;
  • visits to see the telescope at AlbaNova;
  • investigations of the Sun and sunspots with our solar telescope.

Why should I go to the Day of Astronomy?

– You will get to meet astronomy researchers and students who will be happy to discuss their research and answer questions about astronomy. You will also be able to perform astronomical observations with a radio telescope (even in cloudy weather!) and with a solar telescope (if it is clear), and to perform data analysis on astronomical data which allows you to study the motion of the moons of Jupiter or to find planets around other stars. You will also have the opportunity to program a robot car and to play a computer game where you have to try to get a rocket into orbit, or you can build your own model of the solar system.

Day of Astronomy is a part of ForskarFredag and European Researchers’ Night. More details about the event can be found here.

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